Food photography, between art and foodporn

December 11, 2021
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Food photography, between art and foodporn

Food photography has become an integral part of restaurant marketing strategy. It is used by many establishments to make customers salivate and increase their turnover.
A lot of chefs already manage to master all the techniques and tricks to present their recipes on the photos. In fact, food photography can be considered both an art and a foodporn strategy.

Unique, original and authentic photos

Food photography is first and foremost an art, because it is made by an artist, either by a professional photographer, or by the chef himself. It requires a lot of creativity and knowledge in photography. Otherwise, it would not highlight the ingredients of a recipe and attract the eyes.
Among other things, the idea is to have unique, original and authentic photos. So, there is no question of copying or retouching already existing photos. You have to take new photos and find better techniques to make customers want to taste or try the proposed recipe.

Attractive photos

Who says food photography also says foodporn. In fact, this term is currently very trendy on the Internet, especially on social networks, because it can not be neglected by online restaurateurs.
It refers to photographs of food dishes that manage to entice people to visit a Bézier s restaurant. But it can also be applied in the design of food packaging. In this case, the principles are: transparency, minimalism and nudity. That’s why manufacturers only put on the packs/labels the image of the product and nothing else.
On restaurant menus and on the retailers’ page, it is possible to find photos of recipes that are displayed with plates or other dishes. But on the packaging of cookies or chips, there are usually only the ingredients that go into their composition as well as the type of products packaged.

The main rules to follow to succeed in food photography

Either way, there are a few rules that must be followed to succeed in food photography. First of all, you need to use a good camera and good accessories. Then you have to learn how to manipulate them.
It is also necessary to choose the décor, including the presentation plates and the backgrounds. Then, do not hesitate to play with colors, since it is not possible to transmit smells and tastes. Finally, it is necessary to vary the compositions and angles of shots to diversify the culinary photos.

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