The nursing profession through photography

December 12, 2021
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The nursing profession through photography

The nurse is the health professional who provides care to patients. It generally acts on medical prescription and it ensures the comfort and well-being of sick people to maintain or restore their state of health.
It can intervene both in a hospital environment or at home as a freelancer and it can also train new staff and trainees. Here is a small overview of the nursing profession through photography.

Photos of nurses with white coats

As soon as we talk about a nurse, it is immediately her white coat that comes to mind. Indeed, this kind of caregiver usually wears a medical gown or a white medical tunic so that people can easily recognize it in hospitals and medical centers.
On the Internet, most photos of nurses also show the image of women wearing white coats. These are usually white coats with pockets on the front, chest pocket and buttons. And often these blouses are paired with medical pants of white color or another color of the kind light blue, gray, green, yellow or pink.

Photos of smiling and kind nurses

In the photos, the nurses are also smiling, friendly and welcoming people. In fact, they must rely on kindness and devotion so as not to disappoint patients. That’s why it’s rare to find nurses who don’t answer when asked a question or who don’t care for patients.
In addition, the nurses are also patient, attentive, understanding, professional and helpful. They know what every patient endures. So, they deploy different techniques to improve their health, comfort and well-being.

Photos of striking nurses

However, it should be noted that it is also possible to find nurses who complain about their working conditions. Thus, they appear with bad mood, or even with anger, on the photos to demand changes.
Lack of medical equipment, lack of health facility, working hours that exceed eight hours a day, low remuneration, … There may be different reasons for them to strike and display themselves in photos with banners and papers.
Finally, it should not be forgotten that like all other people, nurses can also have defects such as jealousy, wickedness, exhaustion, annoyance or professional error. And even if they try to hide all this in the photos, they may have problems with other caregivers and patients.

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