Photographic testimonies on traditional trades

December 10, 2021
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Photographic testimonies on traditional trades

The carpenter is the professional of the framework. He is in charge of various missions, including: the design and installation of wooden frames and frames. He built roofs and all tall buildings such as pylons, bridges and footbridges and is also considered the wood specialist.
Many carpenters present, nowadays, their achievements or their activities on their web page in order to convince customers and to stand out from the competition. Hence we speak of photographic testimonies on traditional trades.

Types of photos used by carpenters

Among the photos that Hérault carpenters tend to post on their site and on online directories to illustrate their activities, it is worth mentioning: photos of roofs, photos of frames under construction and photos of exposed interior frames. And sometimes, these craftsmen can also post photos of wooden doors and windows, or even photos of wooden furniture.
In fact, carpenters are usually carpenters, that is, they can take care of both the frame and all the wooden elements of a house. They can also build metal frames and elements if they are metal carpenters.

Advantages of integrating photos on a carpenter’s website

There are different reasons why carpenters want to insert images into their professional site. On the one, it is the best way to illustrate their site and to improve the user experience. Two, it is the best way to make the text understood at a glance.
According to some studies, the visual impact of a website is of paramount importance during the first 15 seconds of visit. And that’s when buyers decide whether or not to stay on the site.
In addition, the fact of integrating photos on the carpenters’ websites also makes it possible to demonstrate their expertise. Then, it is also a kind of guarantee to appear on search engines such as Google and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Examples of Béziers carpenters who rely on photographic testimonies

To give some examples of Béziers carpenters who rely on photographic testimonies, there are: pujol, Euro Toiture, AB Métal, Multi-Toitures, Demir Tuncay and Vanclot SARL.
Then, there are also renowned carpenters such as Menuisier Bourniquel Menuiserie, Menuisier Fc Habitat, Menuisier Iso France and Menuisier Lrs Pro. And finally, we must not forget Menuiserie du Triangle, Menuisier Midiver, Menuisier Miroiterie Sodiva, Menuisier Unio Matériaux and Menuisier Sintes.

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