E-commerce photography, the case of clothing fashion

December 9, 2021
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E-commerce photography, the case of clothing fashion

How do I take pictures of clothes? How to photograph clothes with or without a mannequin? How to succeed in your fashion photos? If you want to sell your clothes online, you need to hire an e-commerce photographer. This professional is well acquainted with product photography and he masters the handling of cameras as well as all the other elements that come into play: lighting, background, location, angle, retouching software, … If so, you need to learn how to photograph your clothes yourself and you need to follow these steps.

Prepare clothes for sale

First of all, you need to prepare your clothes or sneakers for sale. Make sure to present them in their best light by removing wrinkling, stains, lint and manufacturing defects. Thus, do not hesitate to wash and iron them to improve their appearance and to avoid large alterations. For the presentation, different options are available to you: either adjust your clothes on mannequins; either you have them worn by real models; either you install them on hangers; or you simply put them flat.

Furnish the photo studio

Once your clothes are ready, you need to set up your photo studio or the room where the shoot will take place. Among other things, you should favor a gray background or a white background to eliminate distractions and to make sure you capture colors accurately. Then, you must also choose the right camera and ensure its adjustment: ISO, aperture, white balance, … When it comes to lighting, you should give preference to natural light. So, try to open your windows and blinds. And if possible, you should also invest in a continuous lighting kit or flash so that you can photograph your clothes when there is not enough light.

Carry out the photo shoot

The next step is to do the actual photo shoot. Here, the principle is simple: the more you photograph, the better. Actually try to take as many photos as possible so that you can sort them at the end. Capture your fashion items from the front, back, left side, right side, from an angle of 45°, … Then, do not forget to take a picture of their details and peculiarities. To capture different angles, you are advised to move your clothes and not the camera with the tripod. That way, you’re not going to waste time.

Ensure retouching

The last step is none other than the post-production process. Here, the goal is to give a professional look to your images. So, process your photos by focusing on alignment, cropping, background removal, color correction, and other necessary retouching.

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