Photographing wine, between tradition and gastronomy

November 29, 2021
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Photographing wine, between tradition and gastronomy

How to photograph a bottle of wine? What techniques are used to highlight a bottle of wine? How to take beautiful pictures of wine bottles? Discover the tips and tricks of pros not to miss your packshots products.

Use a professional photographer

Photographing a bottle of wine actually requires the use of high-performance equipment and efficient techniques. Thus, you are advised to use a professional photographer if you want to get better quality and attractive photos. This professional has the necessary skills and experience to perform these kinds of tasks. In addition, he masters the handling of cameras, cameras, lenses and accessories and he knows all the ways to present the assets and peculiarities of your wines.

Prepare the bottles of wine

Before the shooting, the professional photographer usually cleans the bottle of wine to be photographed. It removes all fingerprints, dust and dirt that are present on the subject in order to be able to present it on its most beautiful day. It can also pass a little cloth stroke to make it shine. Then he will choose the place to place it.

Consider lighting and shooting angle

During the shooting, the photographer takes into account the lighting and the angle of shooting. He observes certain rules especially for flash lighting, because the way to illuminate a bottle of white wine is different from that of illuminating a bottle of red wine. It can even use polarizing filters on the lens or flash to control reflections on the glass. Then, he does not hesitate to bet on compositing to take several images with different points of focus, to improve sharpness and to obtain shiny and readable gilding.

Make the alterations

After the shooting, the professional photographer takes care of the retouching himself. It uses reliable photo software to properly balance colors, brightness and contrasts. Apart from that, he may also have to correct or modify certain details of the photo: capsule, label, gilding, bottle, … To give you complete satisfaction, this kind of professional will take into account your goals. It will process wine bottle photos in an appropriate way if you want to publish them on your sites or on social networks. It will also know how to highlight them if you want to insert them into your cards.

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