Photographer’s job, a full-time job?

December 1, 2021
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Photographer’s job, a full-time job?

Contrary to popular belief, being a photographer is a profession. It is quite possible to earn money by taking and retouching photos. It is even possible to become famous with photography. But the question is: does a photographer work full-time? Or rather: What does he do with his days?

The flexibility of a professional photographer’s working hours

To be honest, a PEOphotographer doesn’t work eight hours a day like bureaucrats. He has very flexible working hours, since he may have to work all day, get up early in the morning, go to bed late at night, work on weekends and holidays and not work for one or a few days. The photographer can organize his schedule according to his availability. But normally, he must plan days for shootings and days for retouching in the week. He must respect the terms of his contracts as well as the delivery times so as not to have problems with his customers and to retain them. Thus, he must prioritize his work and he must not take leave only when his contracts allow him.

Typical week of a professional photographer

To give an idea of the rhythm of the photographer in the week, well, he can book his Monday and Tuesday for studio shoots. This way, he can perform several sessions. Then it can take care of the retouching for two days, that is, on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, he can travel to shoot in other places. Thus, he can then play the role of wedding photographer, construction site photographer, tourist photographer, etc. Sunday will finally be reserved for cleaning the studio and maintaining photography materials and equipment. It can be considered as a day of rest, because it is less busy than the others, but it includes non-negligible tasks.


In addition, it can be said that the professional photographer works full time. He has busy days from Monday to Sunday and he alternates between shootings, retouching and maintenance of places and equipment. He may not have a job if he does not get contracts. But this is quite rare if it is a renowned photographer or a prestigious photographer. In fact, there is no shortage of events to fill the agenda of professional photographers.

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