How are kitchens photographed in real estate?

December 2, 2021
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The kitchen is one of the rooms that attract the curiosity of buyers when they make the visit. Thus, you must therefore consider taking care of the photos of your kitchen when you publish your real estate ads. In fact, the ideal is to hire a professional photographer to ensure the shots and to capture your interior in the best way. But nothing also prevents you from learning how to photograph your kitchen so you don't have a hard time selling your home.

Prepare the kitchen for the shoot

If it's an old house, the very first thing you need to do before photographing your kitchen is to tidy up and clean everything. Remove any objects that may spoil the eyes. Then, remove all the dust and dirt that invades your room. Make sure that there are no more unsightly things that appear in the photos. At the same time, also try to depersonalize your kitchen. Pick up family photos, children's drawings and wall menus and store your mugs and custom utensils. If it is, on the other hand, a new house, you do not have to clean anything. You just need to prepare your kitchen in a way that makes it more presentable and attractive.

Take pictures of the kitchen like a pro

Once your kitchen is ready, you can start the shoot. Here, you must favor a quality camera to benefit from beautiful real estate photos. Then, you must also equip yourself with a tripod to have sharp and straight photos. In addition, you are also advised to favor natural light by opening blinds, shutters and curtains to highlight your kitchen and your property for sale. As the founder of Meero, Guillaume Lestrade, explains: "The photo will thus give off an impression of calm and beauty that plays psychologically on the image of the house". However, you should also avoid backlighting and take the time to properly frame the images. To photograph your kitchen like a pro, you must also capture all the angles of the room in order to recreate a virtual tour of your property from every angle. Then, do not hesitate to multiply the shots to be able to sort your photos later. Finally, do not forget to show in your photos the layout and size of your kitchen. Small details are of great interest to buyers. So, dare to show a specific point of your decoration or the strong architectural element of your room.

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