The social image, the photographic testimony of tourists in the opinions or communities

November 27, 2021
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The social image, the photographic testimony of tourists in the opinions or communities

To describe a city or a country, there is nothing better than photography. It is for this reason that most tourists always move around with a camera or camera. They recognize the importance of photos and they know what they can do with them. In fact, it is difficult to tell the peculiarities of a destination in words. It is better to bet on photos and simply present them in reviews or communities.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

As we often say: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It is actually easier to talk about a city, a region, a different holiday formula, a different rental, such as renting a houseboat or a country with photos, since what we see is often different and clearer than what we are told. If most tourism sites offer photographic testimonials of tourists instead of textual testimonials, it is because they know that it is easier to convince people to choose this or that destination with images.

The advantages of photographic testimonials from tourists

Among the advantages of photographic testimonies made by tourists, it is worth mentioning the fact that it instills a feeling of pleasure. Just by looking at the photos, Internet users can take pleasure in discovering what they contain. And just viewing these images helps to increase their sense of happiness. The photographic testimonies made by tourists also make it possible to know what is happening in this or that place at the precise moment. Which means they promote mindfulness and invite us to slow down in a world that is constantly racing. In addition, the photographic testimonies of tourists can also open our eyes to everyday life. They can reveal details to us that we don’t see in our mundane environment. In other words, it promotes the discovery of our environment by allowing us to see the world from another perspective and to consider the details that have never been considered. What is also interesting with photographic testimonies is the fact that they can provide great relaxation. Not only do they chase away the daily worries that sometimes darken morale, but they reduce the level of stress and allow the gradual installation of well-being. They can even spark curiosity, including the desire to explore lesser-known places and destinations. Finally, we must not forget that the photographic testimonies of tourists can awaken our passion for nature, for travel or for discoveries.

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