Social media photography, an opening to the world of work

November 25, 2021
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This is indisputable! Social networks invade our daily lives. Not a day goes by without a user consulting Instagram and LinkedIn. Thus, companies, especially start-ups and brands, have every interest in being present and developing their communication strategy on these social media.

The Benefits of Instagram Photos for Businesses

Taking first of all the case of Instagram, it is a social network specialized in photography. It mainly allows you to share photos and thus communicate with images. But for some time, it has been able to diversify by offering new features to users. As a result, it now allows companies to have business accounts, statistics, e-commerce features and influencer marketing. By publishing quality visual content, businesses that use Instagram can expect a large audience and high engagement. Not only will Instagram help them develop their visibility and notoriety online with photos, but it will also allow them to build a strong relationship with their target, create a brand identity and enhance their products or offers.

The benefits of LinkedIn photos for companies

As far as LinkedIn is worried, it is the largest professional social network in the world. It currently has nearly 400 million users and nearly 4 million business pages. Its main objective is to simplify the connection between professionals in order to allow them to build a network and expand. Hence it allows you to broadcast content with photos and interact with news feed publications. One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn for companies is the fact that it allows them to control their image on the Internet. Taking pictures of workplaces, open spaces and teams contribute to the positive image of companies. This social media is part of a strategy to develop and control the e-reputation of its users. Above all, it allows them to present themselves, make themselves known, attract customers and stand out from their competitors through photography. Considered a serious and qualitative platform by Google, LinkedIn also gives companies the chance to appear in the first results of this search engine with attractive photos. Thus, it is up to users to take advantage of it to develop a dynamic and professional image of their brand. Finally, we must not forget that LinkedIn is also a good networking tool. It can lead to new opportunities for companies, including: prospecting for new customers, setting up partnerships and discovering new suppliers.

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