Object difficult to photograph, the product catalog

December 8, 2021
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Object difficult to photograph, the product catalog

It’s really not easy to create better quality product photos. Yet, this kind of photography is part of a company’s business strategies. So, it is important and necessary to master it.
Taking for example the case of sanitary and bathroom furniture, not everyone manages to photograph them well to present them to customers and to convince customers to buy them. You need to have good materials and tools and learn how to take and edit photos to benefit from satisfactory results.

You have to invest in a good camera and accessories

Before photographing sanitary facilities and bathroom furniture, it is necessary to invest in a good camera and accessories such as tripods and lenses.
In fact, there is no need to buy too expensive equipment. You just have to consider the size of the print run. For a consumer digital, for example, the maximum dimensions are 10×12 cm. And for a professional digital, these go to 21×29.7 cm.

Photo shoots must be done outside

To photograph sanitary facilities and bathroom furniture,it is also advisable to carry out the session outside.
Inside, the light is actually not enough. Conventional bulbs usually project an orange light that changes the color rendering. While daylight is rich, complete and able to restore the shades of color of sanitary and bathroom furniture.

Shadows must be uncorked during photo shoots

In order not to have a problem photographing sanitary facilities and bathroom furniture, you must also try to unclog the shadows.
It is necessary to prepare an entirely white panel of the type unpainted canvas or white cardboard capable of reflecting sunlight with good diffusion. With this kind of panel, it is possible to reduce the chances of having one side lighter than another.

It is necessary to photograph the products in all sides

What is also difficult with the photography of sanitary facilities and bathroom furniture is the fact that you have to photograph the whole thing on their side. It is necessary to take several photos of their facade, their back, their top, their feet and all their small details of the kind handle, compartments, bonde, …
In fact, the idea is to highlight them in order to answer the different questions that customers may eventually ask. And it is for this reason that it is often useful to use different lenses, especially a wide-angle to improve the vision of the products.

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