Transmission of craftsmanship and photography

December 7, 2021
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Transmission of craftsmanship and photography

Photography is a good way to demonstrate the know-how of a craftsman. It actually makes it possible to photograph a work or a work of art in order to be able to exhibit it later or to show it to those who are interested in it.
It is also the best way to immortalize a moment such as the moment when the craftsman began his work, the moment when he did half of his work and the moment when he finished his work. This means that photography proves that this or that craftsman really made this or that work, how he did it, when and where he did it.

The use of photography by building craftsmen

If it weren’t for photography, artisans wouldn’t be able to explain their activities to people. A carpenter, for example, can use photography to build his catalog of doors,windows and furniture. And the same goes for a painter. He can use photography to present his past achievements as well as the different possibilities of mixing colors or drawings.
A plumber can also offer plumbing installation plans to their clients from photographs. This way, his clients will have an idea of what would be set up in their accommodation. Finally, nothing prevents locksmiths from showing their previous achievements to their customers through photography, to help them make the choice.

The use of photography by cooks

In addition to building professionals, photography can also be the best ally of cooks and chefs. The latter can present their recipes through photos. They can display the ingredients during preparation, what is happening during cooking and the result when everything is served at the table.
Moreover, it is not uncommon to find in restaurant menus photos that allow you to present to customers the kind of dishes on offer. Different Web pages are also illustrated by photos of recipes to make known the specialties of certain regions, countries or cities.
Finally, we must not forget the various posters that present the works of different craftsmen, including advertising posters that are available on the streets, on bulletin boards and in many other places frequented by the public.
In addition, there is therefore no better than photography to show and transmit the know-how of a craftsman, regardless of the field of activity of the latter.

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